Digital Plymouth call for speakers
Digital Plymouth provides a way for the diverse network of digital businesses in the South West to connect, learn, and be inspired.

We help bring together positive strategic thinkers, industry leaders, and hidden gems who are creating amazing products, ideas and new ways to work.

We are looking for speakers who have a boundary-busting talk to share with our fabulous group of digital creatives.Could that be you?

We are looking for talks that can be industry specific, but speak to a broader audience. Perhaps you...

- Have a work practice that you think is innovative and has allowed you to bypass some of the traditional hurdles.

- Have a foolproof method for finding the best talent.

- Have a business growth story that will inspire the next wave of new start-ups.

- Created a magical project that no one knows was developed locally.

- Or, you are creative, tell us what we should know!

Just like you, we don’t want to hear talks that are a thinly disguised sales pitch, contain any derogatory or disrespectful content, or are otherwise unprofessional.

We are looking for a variety of 15 minute talks, and to be considered, we ask you to complete the form on the next page.
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